Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review of Vida e Caffè - Lighthouse Mall

Good day Coffee Lovers

Today we review Vida e Caffè Lighthouse Mall, Umhlanga Rocks

                                                Vida e Caffè - Lighthouse Mall, Umhlanga Rocks

Now this is a great coffee shop.  Look out for the great Barista's, they will cheer you up
whenver you see them.  If you go regularly they will even remember what you normally drink.

A lovely coffee shop where you can sit inside or outside.  I recommend you sit outside as
you can look at what is happening in Chartwell Drive.

Sign up for the Vida Loyalty card and you can also get free wi-fi whenever you pop by.

They have plenty of newspapers and magazines to keep you company as well.

I recommend the Cappuccino, it really has a great taste and good foam.

There are also plenty of lovely goodies to eat, from tasty muffins to delicious pastries.

Address: Shop 4A, 14 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks
Telephone:  031-561-6242
email - umhlanga@caffe.co.za

Vida e Caffè also has a big social media presence.
They have a twitter username for KZN -  @VidaKZN

You can also find them on Facebook - www.facebook.com/vida

Visit their website for even more info on their brand - www.vidaecaffe.com

Yours in coffee

Fred Felton
twitter - @fredfelton
email - falconscove@gmail.com

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