Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review of Vida e Caffè - Durban North

                                                     The New Durban North Branch

Have you popped by the new branch of Vida in Durban North yet?
The other day I managed to pop by and grab a cappuccino.
It really was well made, strong and just what you need.
Full bodied and certain to give you a kick for the day.
I had one of their chocolate muffins with it.  It was fresh, delicious
and tasted great.  Try and sit outside and you can watch the passing parade
of cars, pedestrians and more.

Situated in Kensington Village, Durban North near Virginia Circle it really is worth
a visit.

Be sure to pick up their free magazine Obrigado full of useful news.

Let them know what you think of the coffee.

Tweet them @VidaKZN
Like their Facebook page -
You can also find out more on their website at -

Yours in coffee

Fred Felton
twitter - @fredfelton
email -

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review of Vida e Caffè - Lighthouse Mall

Good day Coffee Lovers

Today we review Vida e Caffè Lighthouse Mall, Umhlanga Rocks

                                                Vida e Caffè - Lighthouse Mall, Umhlanga Rocks

Now this is a great coffee shop.  Look out for the great Barista's, they will cheer you up
whenver you see them.  If you go regularly they will even remember what you normally drink.

A lovely coffee shop where you can sit inside or outside.  I recommend you sit outside as
you can look at what is happening in Chartwell Drive.

Sign up for the Vida Loyalty card and you can also get free wi-fi whenever you pop by.

They have plenty of newspapers and magazines to keep you company as well.

I recommend the Cappuccino, it really has a great taste and good foam.

There are also plenty of lovely goodies to eat, from tasty muffins to delicious pastries.

Address: Shop 4A, 14 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks
Telephone:  031-561-6242
email -

Vida e Caffè also has a big social media presence.
They have a twitter username for KZN -  @VidaKZN

You can also find them on Facebook -

Visit their website for even more info on their brand -

Yours in coffee

Fred Felton
twitter - @fredfelton
email -

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of St Clements Coffee Shop

Good day Coffee Lovers.

                                                        St Clements Coffee Shop

If you love Coffee you will love St Clements in Musgrave Road.
Some wonderful settings from inside to a lovely balcony to the wonderful garden outside.

The Coffee is good and strong as is the Cappuccino.  The Toasted Bacon is wonderful.
The Light Breakfast is filling and the Noodle dishes are superb.

The bonus is free wi-fi so take your laptop or tablet with.

Highly recommended.

Address:  191 Musgrave Road, Durban
Telephone:  031-202-2511

They also have some wonderful Artsy shows every Monday night at 6pm.
A variety of acts from theatre to poetry to writers to skits.
Follow @mondaystclement for updates.

Yours in Coffee

Fred Felton
Twitter - @fredfelton
email -

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome to our Coffee Blog

Welcome Dear Reader to our Blog on all things Coffee.
From different types of Coffee, to Coffee Shops, Reviews on Coffee, Reviews on
Coffee Shops and so much more.

We will also be filling you in on Coffee Shops that have free wi-fi or one's that
have free wi-fi for a limited time and how they all work.

First off my favourite Coffee Shop is St Clements, Musgrave Road.
They make wonderful Coffee, Delicious Cappuccinno and they do
have free wi-fi.

Great prices, tasty food and pleasant surroundings.

Really worth a visit.

Yours in coffee

Fred Felton